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I made a new datamosh video wowooaho

Video Title: Fuck Real Life
Music: Meishi Smile - PALE of his new album LUST.

There’s a long story behind the inspiration of this video, Meishi Smile’s song PALE helped convey the audio feel perfectly.
Anyways here it is again, I’m pretty proud of this datamosh.


Zoom Lens Mix for The Nerdist

1. Thought Tempo- Untitled [Unreleased]
2. Uio Loi- Holographic
3. LLLL- Drafting Still
4. Yuko Imada- Sunrise
5. Malta & Thought Tempo- Nastajssa / When You Wake [Unreleased]
6. i-fls- dry riverbed
7. yeule - Ending
8. Space Boyfriend- In Your Mind (Demo)
9. Ulzzang Pistol- ガールフレンド [Unreleased]
10. yasumiyasumi- Tokyo Digital Love

Made this mix for The Nerdist. Contains some new and unreleased Zoom Lens tracks set to drop this coming year!

Ispilled the spaghetti all over my senpai (other senpai, not you)

A true senpai would always forgive.